HOW TO create and load a new template...

newdreamers posted 16th of January 2009 in Community Voice. 4 comments.

In five simple steps:

1) In the "templates" directory, copy the "tmpl_uni" folder under a different name.

Example: tmpl_newskin

2) Update the file below to set the name of your new template

File: ./templates/tmpl_newskin/scripts/BxTemplName.php
Example: $sTemplName = 'newskin';

NOTE: If you skip this step then your new template won't appear correctly in the Advanced settings menu (see step 4)

3) Update the files in the "tmpl_newskin" folder the way you want (html, css etc...)

4) Log into the admin section and go to Settings -> Advanced settings

Near the bottom of the page you'll see a "Template" option with a dropdown menu containing the various templates available (set to "UNI" by default)

NOTE: If you skipped step 2 then all you'll get in the dropdown menu is "UNI","UNI",... that's because the <option> value is set correctly to "newskin" but the <option> label still says "UNI" (the default value of the $sTemplName value in BxTemplName.php). Bit clumsy but anyway...

5) Select your new template ("newskin" in this example) then click on the "Save changes" button

Et voila, you should now be done and ready to go with your new look & feel!

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One omission from my part: replace all occurrences of "tmpl_uni" with "tmpl_newskin" in the following 2 files:

Talking to myself again, but in order to avoid a lot of grief make sure that ./inc/ is writeable (ie chmod 666 or 777). For God knows what reason the template value gets saved in that file as well and, if not accessible for writing, nothing will happen when changing template from the Admin/advanced settings...
i have a question newdreamer. i suppose if you obtain a template from wherever, the template files do not need to be modified, namewise. maybe im wrong about that? but i did as you suggested, created a new uni file as a test, changed the names in the specified areas. also i uploaded 2 seperate templates rite next to the uni file. so now i have 3 templates there, plus the original. none of wich come up in settings>advanced settings.....just the one original UNI.

im scratchin my head here, then see more i see this last post. i whent into the /inc/ within the file, its clearly specified not to alter it, and i didnt. im not familiar with this term chmod or making it writable. could this problem im having be from this? how do i make it writable? or do i even need to mess with that? any suggestions my friend?
Hi there,

Depending upon who created the template you're trying to use, some of them are not as reliable as others... try to look into the files listed above and make sure the variuous variables are set properly. Also, my post is almost 1 year old and only relates to Dolphin 6.1.4 - so not sure how things evolved since then in terms of template management/creation...
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