HappyFarm English ( From Discuz X1.5)

agrisdul posted 13th of April 2011 in Community Voice. 3 comments.

Hello, i have some questions is imposible to create some plugin to integreate UcHome / Discuz X1 games into Dolphin?


There i have one game Happy Farm Translated. (similar then Facebook farm)



There is instalation for UcHome 2.0:


The repair task is completed the last one blank BUG

1, upload files to the root directory of home

2, import 1.sql, 2.slq, 3.slq, 4.sql Database

3, open the template / directory of your style / header.htm

In the <style type="text/css"> above the insert:

<style type="text/css">
@ import url (newfarm / newfarm.css);
</ style>

4, to continue header.htm file, search for "lively", and add the following code behind

<li> <img src="image/app/farm.gif"> <a href="newfarm.php"> farm ranch </ a> </ li>

5, landing the background - Basic Settings - Set your ads - add new ad

Types of ads - User-defined ad
Advertising Title - Farm Bulletin
Advertising - Code
Advertising Code - (add your ad code)!

6, Advanced Settings - System Plan task - add a new scheduled task

The task name - rough toilet
Task of the script - fgh.php

The task name - initialize radish feeding
Task of the script - fgh2.php

Update the cache!


Maybe Somhow anyone can create this game for Dolphin7 ??!?!?!



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o. i forgot a the Files!!! :)

there you can download!!!!

http://www.miniuploads.com/files/QF3USKeI1302692735.html (18.61 MB)
Nathan Paton
Ah, my favorite forum script...

You should post this in the jobs section, since it's unlikely someone would commit the amount of time needed to tell you how to integrate this. In the future, also ask all questions in the forums.
I personally discourage this...

Install wordpress/Joomla + your gamescript thats better

Dolphin is not mature enough with game api
modding is an option still, it will be pain in your @$$ later when upgradation

wait til(forever)
when boonex comes out with api 1.0 for future dolphins
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