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Forty years ago, when the man set foot on the moon for the first time, a musician, dentists and professor of psychology, philosophy and history (all in one) from Argentina, thought that this "big step for mankind" should really be remembered through a celebration as important as Christmas or New Year. So he looked for the most important value for man and women and came up with the idea that FRIENDSHIP was it.

So he wrote several hundreds of letters to people around the world, suggesting that July 20th should become the day in which we would celebrate FRIENDSHIP.

He did succeed in several countries where July 20th has been declared "International Day Of Friendship", although it has not become a world-spread thing yet. So, we, Argentinians, act as evangelists of this day and every year we send thousands (and now maybe millions) of e-mails to remind the world that FRIENDSHIP is the basis of our society. If we love one another there is FRIENDSHIP. In any family there must be FRIENDSHIP. You cannot live without it. Or, if you do, what kind of life would it be?

We celebrate this day gathering with friends in pubs or at home, eating our impressive bbq´s, or pizza with beer or just coffee (a typical Argentine excuse to get together: have a cup of coffee-also a pick up line!!). And wherever there is an Argentinian, you will see that he or she will mention this date and most likely will invite you to celebrate it.

The name of its creator is Enrique Ernesto Febbraro. He is 85 years old now and lives surrounded by friends from all over the world. (He´s the one in the picture)

So please allow me to make a toast to FRIENDSHIP today and wish you all live close to those who will stand by you in good times... And bad times too.



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A great concept.

Happy friendship day to you too.

Peace to all.

The same to you and everyone on this world
Happy Friendship Day!!!

It's time we started looking at ourselves as a global entity.

What will it take? A run in with another race from another planet before we all become part of the HUMAN community.

Run in with another race? I don't know ZW.... there's some real nut jobs on this planet... it's no wonder the flying saucers don't land.
Really... Our planet is probably on some proscribed list... They aren't allowed to land here for fear of the local population and that our insanity my be contagious...

Any day celebrated with BBQ, Pizza, and Beer is alright in my book!
I second theguypc's thoughts...also, even though there's only 20 min left of the 20th here, Id like to throw myself into the party!

Houstonlively, I think you're right...think Calvin and Hobbes said it best. 'The best signs of intelligent life out there, is that they HAVENT contacted us!'

All in all, we should definitely have more friendship days, since there are way too many of the other kinds.....

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