Help! NEW ITEM problem

AGForknowledge posted 13th of May 2008 in Community Voice. 7 comments.

In the new version Dolphin 6.1, in the Fields Builder page when i try to add a new item (ie drag the NEW_ITEM box over to the Active Items section) i get this error:

    “Sorry couldn’t insert new item. Please check if NEW_ITEM already exists”

I DON'T have another NEW_ITEM box in use. Only the items that in the Active Items area are the ones that were there when i installed Dolphin 6.1. I want to add new fields like ethnicity, for example, and now i can't. Any ideas on how to fix this problem???

I hope this makes

Any help is appreciated!

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what browser are you using? If you're using IE, try FF. I don't get that error.
I just tried it with firefox. But i still get the error.
Look in the Profiles table (using PHPmyAdmin); maybe there's already a field in there with that name.

Just an idea... not sure if it's right. :o)
Have you found the problem? I have the same problem and can't find the issue
Thanks Paradox927

This worked!!! What i did was go into "phpmyadmin" (like Paradox927 said) find the "profile" table (NOT "profilefields" table) and looked for NEW_ITEM. (The other fields were there like nickname, sex, city, date of birth...etc.) For me it was the very last one (field). So i deleted it. Went back to the fields builder in the dolphin admin panel. It gave me the error when i dragged to new_item box over to the active items area but the box stayed. It see more has not given me the error since. (I have added more fields since then.)
Thanks mrpowless for the help
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