How big can you go with the mass mailer?

kernelpaniker posted 26th of October 2009 in Community Voice. 3 comments.

So I am up to 100 messages at a time and was wondering how many anyone else is able to send out.

My server is a virtual dedicated server that hosts about 17 different websites and has a decent amount of "ram".

What are the limiting factors in the amount of messages (at a time) for the mass mailer?

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Hello kernelpaniker

I am also on a shared server and have mine site to 300 which seems to work well.

Unfortunately I can't really help you with the maximum specs for maximum mailage. I would suggest that your hosting company are the best people to ask as I am sure that they know what their servers can do.

Obviously everyone here on Unity would have a different set of statistics when it comes to servers, CPU, RAM and members.

I have approx 2500 members on my site with the cron job set see more to pop out emails every 30 minutes. So that is 300 peeps every half hour.

Hope this helps you in some way. Am curious to see what everyone else says.
Unfortunately, this is on GoDaddy. So software on my virtual dedicated server is unsupported. I dont think they would be able to help anyway.

I just want to get an idea of what other admins are doing with their mass mailer.

Thanks for the reply!
I now use Arvixe and I must say, they are pretty damn good. Not perfect.....but close enough. Though they did clear my cron jobs without asking. D'oh!
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