How to Display Upcoming Events

noman posted 14th of May 2008 in Community Voice. 3 comments.
I'm trying to have upcoming events displayed on the main page.  Basically, if a user visits the site on 5/15/08, then I would like to have the upcoming 5 events displayed for 5/15 on in order. So, if an event took place before 5/15, it would not be displayed. I hope that makes sense... ?

Dolphin 6.0.0005  (6.1.1. instructions would be welcomed too as I hope to be upgrading soonish...)


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just in
prepare tab for 'upcoming'

then teach 'BxDolEvents.php' class
function GenAnyBlockContent
to show just upcoming events (make a little changes)

Hope you understand :)
Not quite. Could you provide a little more explanation, please?
Can anyone provide more details? :) thank you!
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