How to build any type of form/list/record for your members (aka Wishlist, favourites, products list...)

newdreamers posted 9th of February 2009 in Community Voice. 6 comments.

If you've ever wanted to enable your members to create one of the following then this Dolphin patch/add-on might be for you:

Wishlists & List of favourite products/movies/places/...
Enhanced articles or blogs with extra-fields
Wine cellar
Art portfolio
Past professional experiences
Clients feedback
Customer reviews
Products list

This add-on was created in order to enable Dolphin admins/webmasters to build, design and manage any type of new record
attached to registered members, using the same WYSIWYG dynamic interface as the Fields Builder & Page Builder.

You can view a demo here, where registered members are able to create their own list of favourite movies:

Link to Demo admin section - where you can play with the Form Manager (similar to the Members section that allows you to manage accounts/profiles) & Form Builder (similar to Fields Builder for Profiles) :
Username: demo
Password: demo

All the files & installation instructions are available to download for FREE from the following page:

Distribution file is called

I hope some people will find this useful!

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I haven't tried it but I am sure it will be fantastic!

Thanks for this post and it is encouraging to see the generosity.

I had a look at your demo, it looks good. Could I use this for members to post there resume?

Many thanks for this!!
Hi there, thx a lot. I don't see why not re: Resume. Though, in case it was you who tried it, it looks like the name "Resume" is a bad idea. I got the error below in the MySql traceback. Which is weird because there's definitely no Resume table in my Dolphin install...

`ID` bigint(20) unsigned NOT NULL auto_increment,
`NDXOwnerID` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL,
`DateReg` datetime NOT NULL,
`DateLastEdit` datetime NOT NULL,
PRIMARY KEY see more (`ID`)

Mysql error:
Table 'Resume' already exists
Thanks for the positive comments guys. Note that there was a stupid bug returning a PHP error when creating a new Table in the form manager, caused by a silly '$' sign not properly escaped in an SQL query. This is now fixed!
this looks really interesting, have downloaded it and will test it later on, thanks for your generosity...
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