How to enable Image/Links/... in Admin Articles

newdreamers posted 3rd of December 2008 in Community Voice. 6 comments.

For some reason, when editing an article as an admin user from the Admin Interface, the "Links/Image/HTML source" options are all disabled in the TinyMCE editor (even though such features are enabled when editing an article as a logged-in member).

To enable such options for admins, simply edit the following file:


And comment out the line containing "theme_advanced_disable" (should be line 51) by inserting 2 slashes (aka "//") at the beginning of the line. You should now be able to insert/edit images, links, as well as access the HTML source.

Also, if like me you find the admin TinyMCE editor too small, simple edit the following stylesheet:


In there search for "textarea.articl" and edit the width/height according to your needs!

Hope this helps,


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useful tip here! I noticed that tiny problem too! Cheers
Bless you. I've had much trouble adding content articles.

Question, I didn't know members could edit articles?

"...features are enabled when editing an article as a logged-in member..."

Is that an option I have to toggle on or off? I don't exactly want my members editing articles and making the site a wiki.
Hi there. To clarify, a member can edit his/her own articles, but not those written by others. Obviously you can decide whether or not members can create articles in the 1st place, from the navigation/page builders
Here's a site for anyone who finds their editing area too small or needs a sandbox to draft in first (Use TinyMCE in Fullscreen mode):
I am not sure why I am getting 404 error while clicking on article.

Here is he URL

Can any one help?
Hi there,
I went to your site and looks like mod_rewrite isn't enabled on your server. Search for "mod_rewrite" or "404" in the Dolphin Boonex forums, you'll probably find some answers and/or answers in there.
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