How will Google's new speedy sites reward benefit or hinder Dolphin Sites?

clubbeyourself posted 24th of April 2010 in Community Voice. 9 comments.

This information taken from an article that I was reading, Have seen a few articles about this of late:

To succeed online you need strong search rankings. Without them potential customers will struggle to find your website.

Search engines understand that great user experience drives more business. Recent research from Google has uncovered the dramatic effect that page load speed has on user experience and that a direct relationship exists between website speed and business results. As a result Google have declared speed as one of their top priorities. Yahoo! have also stated "Our goal is a better, faster web experience for all."

The Google model now officially rewards fast loading sites with higher rankings, and penalises slow loading sites with low search enging rankings, poor AdWords quality scores and higher costs.

Google Webmaster's Official Blog states: "Like us, our users place a lot of value in speed - that's why we've decided to take site speed into account in our search rankings."

I ask the above question as there has been conversation around this very topic of load speeds for dolphin before and thought it would be interesting to get peoples feedback on this.

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Nathan Paton
Well, good luck if you're on a nickel host. There's my two cents (alright, alright, no more bad puns).
Personally I am on a dedicated machine provided by DosDawg, Terabyte Hosting.. Personally again the only host I would rely on for Dolphin, I have tried them all and have only been satisfied with Terabyte
And Google has only just figured this out? I am surprised they did not do this years ago. In my opinion, Dolphin by default rather slow to load. You have to work to rip out the extra bloat that your site will definately not need. On firebug there is something call "Page Speed". This is provided by google themselves. It gives you lots of tips on how to optimise your site for speed. On one of my sites I have a page speed score of 83/100. There reaches a point where you cannot really get higher see more score without compromising your ability to make quick amendments to the code. For instance minification of the code. 100/100 would not be possible with Dolphin as it uses php which serves dynamic content and so you are penalized for not being able to leaverage bowser caching. On one of my websites I use a mixture of php and html dolphin pages to get around this and yes the pages which are pure static html get many more hits than the dynamic php pages. All food for thought.
Also yes, I agree with Magnussoft, server performance is now going to to be a major factor and so do not use where they tend to shoe horn as many user accounts on to each server. They do tend to be "nickel host"s. Ask a few questions before buying hosting. Server specifications, how many websites are hosted on the server which your account will be hosted on. These tend to give you "an idea" of what your experience is going to be like. I am sure there are lots of other question you could ask.
I forgot to mention about google webmaster tools. If you use this on your website, you will be able to see how it compares to other websites in terms of speed. If when in webmaster tools you go to labs -> site performance you will find it here. One of my websites is graded as the following "faster than 62% of sites". Okay this is better than average I would have thought but there is still work to do.

Thanks for that pointer. While going through the Labs bit, I came across the following section:

Rules that use the :hover pseudo-selector on non-anchor elements. This can cause performance problems in Internet Explorer versions 7 and 8 when a strict doctype is used.

* div.paginate_btn:hover
* #isButton.notify_message:hover
* #isButton.notify_message_none:hover
* #isButton.notify_message:hover table.notify
* .actionsBlock .button_input_wrapper:hover
see more * .topMenu ul.sub
* .topMenu ul.sub
* .topMenu ul.sub li:hover
* .topMenu ul.sub ul.more_sub li:hover
* .topMenu a.top_link
* .topMenu a.top_link:link
* .topMenu a.top_link:visited
* .topMenu a.top_link:active
* .topMenu a span.down
* .topMenu b span.down
* .topMenu .top ul.sub .li_last_round:hover
* .button_wrapper:hover
* .button_wrapper:hover .button_wrapper_close
* input[type="submit"]:hover
* input[type="button"]:hover
* input[type="reset"]:hover
* input.submit:hover
* input.button:hover
* input.reset:hover
* .ui-datepicker-rtl .ui-datepicker-prev:hover
* .ui-datepicker-rtl .ui-datepicker-next:hover

The question that I would like to put out to all is that could this be one of the way that IE7 and IE8 can be remedied?
I don't understand why anyone is on a "nickle host" now... Godaddys cheapest VPS is like $19 a month with 1gb mem and 15gb storage for gods sake!
Even on the speediest of servers and hosting platforms there have been issues mentioned before on this site about dolphin load times being slow and then we have the issue of the files that are using up all server resources. I just wonder if anyone at boonex have an opinion about this new google Speedy sites ranking system and if they feel that boonex dolphin sites will have issues with this.
Forgot to mention that YSlow is also very good for troubleshooting website performance. It is a FireFox plugin. You can get it from here:
Nathan Paton
@buckmcgoo: the reason why some are on a nickel host is because BoonEx recommends them.
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