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Here is one hell of a brain teaser.

I have a calendar that I have been using for years.  The fans are all well connected to it, and they want to be able to maintain the continuity.  I would use the events section of Dolphin, but its way to geared to a dating script.  I cant have female and male attendees and/or ticket prices.  I just need THIS calendar to display in one of my pages.

Now, it is possible to include it in the new template as you see here:

__include _header.html__
<!--#exec cgi="../../cal/calendar.cgi"-->                       
<!-- to display the dynamic content from my_page.php you need to input: -->
__include _footer.html__

Giving us this result:

Now here's where it gets sticky.  To include a custom page in Dolphin, you need to reference the template in the corresponding PHP page - in this case

BUT - the PHP page scripting only references the page number - not the fact that its an SHTML page:

require_once( 'inc/' );
require_once( BX_DIRECTORY_PATH_INC . '' );
require_once( BX_DIRECTORY_PATH_INC . '' );
require_once( BX_DIRECTORY_PATH_INC . '' );

$_page['name_index'] = 102; // this is the number of the html page linked with this php file; change it as you wish
$_page['css_name'] = 'disc.css'; // this is the name of the CSS file linked with the above mentioned HTML file; change it as you wish
$_ni = $_page['name_index'];
$_page_cont[$_ni]['page_main_code'] = PageCompMainCode();

So how the heck can I get the PHP to reference the template?

Is there a way to call the CGI script directly?

I really need this answer gang.


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I am totally new to Dolphin but it would appear to me that such inclusions would be best served by an I-Frame in the way Joomla does it. As it is now, Dolphin does not have the option to do this automatically.

If you could create an i-frame page and put the calendar in the frame, it would function as it has in the past and would run independent of your Dolphin install. Would that suffice?

I will give it a try!

Thanks for the idea

Worked wonderfully

Interesting but some browsers are set to ignore iframes. Have you tested it on a wide variety of browser brands and versions?

I need a different style event section than native to Boonex too. Open to suggestions.
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