I cant see the profiles. please help

houseperu posted 25th of March 2008 in Community Voice. 4 comments.
hi, i have another problem. i cant see the profiles of anyone. i dont have any idea what could happend please help me, what i can do please
you coul see it here
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Umm.. I clicked your link and the site loaded for me. I then clicked on a members profile and it loaded right up for me. Not too sure what you mean by "cant see profiles of anyone".
same for me.. member profile loaded up without any issues.
well i have the same problem with the latest dolphin 6.00005
users can upload pictures but none of the uploaded pictures,thumbnail pics and profilepics etc are visible,except for the music icons in the music gallery.
it drives me mad..
please help
well after 4 days nonstop trying to fix this blank picture problem its finally fixed although i did not found the answer myself or in any other blog or website.
The kind actions of MRPOWLESS have now resolved the problem of the invisable user pictures.It took him about 20 minutes...He is the man!
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