I have problem in ocra

apple1165 posted 15th of May 2008 in Community Voice. 7 comments.


Im new here. Just finished installing my first site using Dolphin 6.1. One problem i incounter is the forum. i did not found a link to post.
i create an account in the site to test the function some are ok but others are not. one of them is the forum.

problem 1: i did not found a link to post.
How to fix the problem?

in my admin panel,im able to create a category but no link to post.

problem 2: How can i put a banner below the shout box or in the left side of the site? ( im using the default template)

Problem 3 : How can i change the Video upload to embeded code only from youtube or google video?


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me too have problem 1
Hi waash, no answer for our problem. anyone please help us. we are hungry for your suggestion.

Thanks in advance.
i found this code only the forum:

[L[Forums Index]]
[L[Forums]] [L[Topics]][L[Latest Post]]
[L[Forums Spy]]

I should not be like that.

I think there something wrong with my installation or in my host. need your suggestion please.

I can create a folder but no link to post. and the word have this [ ]]

Log into forum via admin. On the right you will see 'compile' to the right of that you will see 'En' (in blue text).
Click on the 'En' this will compile the language and the strange text will disappear.

I hope this helps. As regards help for Orca, that seems to be very hard to come by.
to embled youtube video log in admin panel > page builder >home page>

pick a HTML BLOCK from inactive box & drag to active block than click on HTML BLOCK than click to edite html & paste your embded code & save . for editing html use firefox
Thanks to stuart for the orca language tip, works fine now
That is **** exellent!
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