Installation Tutorial (Video)

wolf2217 posted 27th of July 2009 in Community Voice. 6 comments.

I am not sure how much use this will be as it may not be much of no use for most but i decided to put some videos together on installing dolphin 7.
In these videos i demonstrate the following:

  1. Downloading the file from (beta 2)
  2. Uploading it to our server
  3. Creating the database
  4. Permissions setting (only ffmpeg, all rest were writable already)
  5. Going through the installation process step by step
  6. Setting up cron jobs
  7. And a little note of what to watch for when installing modules.

In the modules i use 2 examples.
If interested, you may check the installation tutorials here.
If you wish to leave comments, great but the purpose is to help get your site up...well, in Beta anyways ;)

UPDATE** The videos have moved and can be downloaded by clicking the above link.
Due to the quality and the resolution used when doing these recordings, they are only available for download.
More information is provided when clicking the link above.

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Sweet vids. Very helpful.
Thanks...that's the intention :))
Knowing that I work with ONLY Windows I have to tell yah that your videos are awesome for all the cpanel users out there, excellent tutorials a million times and I have sent people to have a look at them for those who are asking help and again thanks for giving to BOONEX USERS !!!!!!!!!!!

Im surpriced you only got 1 thank you and many people are viewing this and your online tutorials are so far the best i have ever seen on this site as It shows everything to the average user on HOW TO !

I think see more you deserve so much credit for your time and again thanks from me to you cause if I get anyone who has problems installing Dolphin on Linux I will for sure continue to send them to this blog and your online site for them to learn and watch to install Dolphin on Linux!
Thank you for your comment.
In my eyes it's up to the readers if they wish to pass credit to me for the videos.
Aslong as it helps them that's all that matters to me.
Comments are a way of letting me know that they found use of them in one way or other.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge. It is a great help. I only have version 6 at the moment and think I may have to start all over again on that. I really messed it up. my site is: I should have done a lot more reading before I put it up. And I joined your site in hopes for more insite. Thanks again for sharing..........Dennis
tried to download vids but no link ? would still like to see if you have link . thanks, mart
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