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linksys7 posted 1st of April 2008 in Community Voice. 2 comments.
Ok, Well I'm writing this to give other members another option to install which under WinXP home edition and Win Vista which should work under both Win Vista 32bit and 64 bit systems. I have Both OS's and this has worked on both to be able to run the RMS.

I had just about given up on the standard installation of the RMS under the install directions that were given by Boonex, because nothing I did seemed to help. My server is behind a router with a firewall on both the router and the server, and disabling both had no effect and I tryed relentlessly to use the boonex tester at and couldnt connect to my RMS. Now internally meaning behind my router I could use the RMS and I could connect to the chat and everything that should connect to the RMS properly but My members from the internet couldn't.

So I tryed another option which had enlightened me as to configuration settings that the RMS utilize under Red5 osFlash server. I installed a full version of the red5 server and I was able to connect the red5 from the outside of my router (the internet). So I dug in deeper to see what the configuration files for the red5 server used and to my surprise in the "" under most the directories in the red5 server had used the config in this manner:


instead of


So I changed my config file to reflect this in the "C:\Program Files\RMS\webapps\chat\WEB-INF\"
and entered my IP/domain name in the Ray base and checked the "use RMS" setting and  then on the server running WinXP I had to switch the names of the "start_service.exe" and "start.exe" . Why? Because it still wasnt able to connect using the "start_service.exe" but using the "start.exe" it would connect . What I did might not be the easiest solution because you can disable the service in the startup and add the start.exe file to the startup of Windows. I did this because it was quiker and I just left it that way.
Now on the Win Vista machine I didnt have to switch the file names and I can run the "start_service.exe" file as it was design and expected to do. Why the two OS's have an effect on this I'm not sure.
But I'll tell you this , all this has saved me from pulling my hair out. This might not be the best setup on all Win OS's and some of you might have gotten this to work under the settings that boonex has given, I'm not saying this is the only way your gonna get this to work on Windows but I figure it cost me alot of time to figure out, and thought Id let everyone else know, so this might help some and save the hairpulling to the developers. j/k
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Thanks for this I will try it out. I had the same problem on vista home basic machine using xampp.
when working I will return to write about it
please help me installing a rms in a windows machine from scratch
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