Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 and Dolphin

iced posted 25th of November 2008 in Community Voice. 4 comments.

As you guys know, IE8 Beta 2 is out. I woul like everyone to see if their site's tools (obviously dolphin based tools, not mods) function properly with it. Please feel free to post your observations here.

Cheers :)

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IE = full of bugs
Beta = full of bugs
MS = more bugs than the amazon rain forest
xp= more bugs than south america
vista = more bugs than asia
Bill Gates = more bux than south america and asia together

it pays to sell crap

i know a guy in the UK that sells sand to the arabs, 2 bulk carriers (big boats) full of sand, twice a week. must be related to Gates
I swear by Opera the best browser by a country mile
here, here, I am with you on this one, Dolphin sites look just gorgeous in Opera
IE 8 B2 has a compatibility button so if the site does not funtion fully you can always click on the compatibility button and it will funtion well. I not that shoutbox and profile music player does not work on certain dolphin sites - ie you cannot see them... just a grey background only (when compatibility mode is off) however is funtions perfectly on so I guess its not to do with the application but the coding /size of the page. I have been across a few sns sites and some are having major see more compatibility issues...
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