It's time for a praise ...

elcentcom posted 16th of November 2009 in Community Voice. 11 comments.

After all, we got a working script and it is well received by new members.

I just talked to an elderly woman who will join the community site.

She said: "It's all easy to navigate and to understand and I will setup my account and group on the site."

Now, if someone who has no expertise of any kind with community sites and serious troubles to understand the concept of Facebook says that, we must honor the developers of the script.

Thanks to Boonex Team and everyone who has contributed help, suggestion, solution, bug findings etc. ...  for this marvelous script, and it's save to say, this will be the number ONE community script ever.

It proves the concept, that was set at the very beginning of the development,  right.



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Good luck trying to get this script to work like it is supposed to. It is still so full of bugs that your comment does not make sense. Tell the elderly lady I hope she has help with her site as it is going to need it to get this software to work right without all the issues with security and the flash apps.
lightwolf sorry but your comment dosent make sense, sure theres gonna be some bugs until the final RC version everyone should know that, and yes its taken a long time arriving..but why have you a chip on your shoulder?
I can understand where light wolf is coming from here, D7 is great, but its not ready, and it certainly isnt easy to navigate for the elderly, you have to be really experienced user of community software to get around D7 without getting lost in all the user options. Ive no doubt that Dolphin will become no1 in time, it is the best of the lot, potentially,just not yet. give it time though.

this blog is almost like spamming from Boonex it so unrealistic... Com'on, well it is.... Please
i dont think this is a boonex blog, that would be wrong.
dont take my comment the wrong way, i thought most peeps would be made up now the RC version is here. :)
We are made up that the RC is now released, couldnt be happier, but to say that D7 is less complicated than facebook and easier to use is just silly talk. I use facebook everyday, then to use D7 with all the menu's turned on, well to be honest you need a map to find your way around. Ive shown this software to a few potential members who use facebook and the reaction i get is "What the Flip is all those menus for" (or words to that effect :-)
It great that somebody wants to praise the see more software makers, i think they must have worked really hard to get this far with such complicated software. D7 is many things, but user simplicity or friendly it isnt. So i cant work out why somebody would gush so much for reasons that just aint true.
Oh wait, there is a points system in this blog..Now im getting it....

Strike all ive just said then, i agree, a blind man with a stick could use this software no problem.

Andrew Boon
Re: menus...

That's a touchy subject, for a reason. Facebook is a site, Dolphin is a software. When you build a site, you can hard-code links at places of your preference, then twist and match and voila - it works. With software you need to provide a tool that services hundreds if not thousands of different combinations of needs. Dolphin menus/builders is what makes Dolphin so unique - it now works for any kind of community and gives unprecedented freedom.

I used to say it before and I'll say see more it again - Facebook is EASY, Dolphin isn't. We could build a Facebook Clone in 6-8 weeks, but we'd be damned next day after the release, for the lack of "tweaking" tools.
see moreI think people make a big mistake by trying to implement every feature Dolphin has - there are just too many. When you start a site you should strip it down to just the bare minimum you intend to support and supply content for- you can always add them back later. For example, if your site isn't using "sounds" then remove that entirely, the same for articles, boards, etc. This is especially true for the menus - keep them simple at first until you learn what works with your user community.
Boonex did a quite remarkable piece of software that can be configured to have the simplicity of FB or other. The problem is that although these configurations can be done there is none or little know-how on doing them. User interface implementation and evaluation must be done by us (sadly)

This touchy matter has many simple solutions, one of which could be the alternative,lighter release of a different setup of D7 (setup as in what boxes are in which page , what links are see more active etc, not a full release), thus keeping the tweaking tools and simplicity

less is more, i agree 100%
Everyone with the exception of Elcentcom is making a valid point. He obviously hasn't looked deep enough into the RC. There are still many issues to be looked at.

We have been waiting a long time for this RC but it is only RC - Release Candidate. It should not really be used on a live site, hence the word candidate.

I agree that the menus are a little on the OTT side but there are ways of keeping them simple.

You can start by simply removing the member menu. Go to the admin side see more of your site then:

Settings>Advanced Settings>Variables

Then you can simply uncheck "Enable member menu" which will start to make the page look less hectic.

While I think I see where you are coming from, that is a terrible example! Dolphin is a software to build community websites... much like a CMS with social plugins. Facebook runs off of a handcoded framework/software that was built internally by the original developers. They are one in the same.

I've developed for and with facebook for two years now - and I will tell you that it is no simple task. I think the biggest issue that software like this and the sites it creates present see more is bloating the internet with community sites that over-cater to their crowd(s).
On a side note for you Uno,

You guys happen to have any room for an experienced UI/General designer? I'd be honored to tackle the amount of information on your projects.
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