Job offer to Boonex Customisation for my site

advancedsolutions posted 16th of April 2010 in Community Voice. 4 comments.

I am looking for a developer who can customise my new installed dolphin, is there any developer who can provide this service, i need test changes and logo and images changes.

I also require this work fairly urgently.

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There is a job area for you to post your offers in. The blogs is not the place to do this.
There's a job section? Yeah right. Until Boonex creates a real job section that doesn't suck, people are going to post 'Jobs' anywhere and everywhere they think they might get attention, and I don't blame them.
you got that right mate!! And i could not find a section where i could post a job...It would be great if there was a simply job people can easily post a job and developers and customizers can reply...without going through forums and blogs....hope it will improve...
I suppose, since this is already posted here, if you would provide a bit more info about what the job entails, I might be able to help if I know exactly what I'd be getting myself into.
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