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ladybugn posted 21st of January 2009 in Community Voice. 1 comment.

..One file at a time. 

I have posted a few places about my recent issue with the events page always reverting to Admin Login, not allowing logged in members to see the page with their own account. It's been making me crazy for a good week.  I knew I'd done something, but what?  Or rather, what this time?


Suppose most of you know that viewing the php file will tell you the page number of html source in the templ_uni folder.   So looking at events.php will tell you that it's showing on "page_55.html".. handy info to know for editing, why yes!


Welp. I appearantly right-clicked to view source while looking at the Events page on my site.  Snipped the text to fiddle a bit, a nice learning experience, you know.  Saved that puppy as "page_55.html"  like a good girl.  Exactly as it is named on the server.  :: choke ::


That is a BAD idea.  I know better. Any time you take copies, name them appropriately. Don't count on your memory to know where you got the file; when we're geeking on something, our focus is on the project outcome, and small details can slip away. Especially if you're a 48 year old insect, like me.


"page_55htmlVS.txt" would have worked. Something to tell me the name of the file, and the source (VS being "viewed source", and "txt" meaning it's not live html.   A viewed source file is NOT the raw html of the page being viewed, it's only what the browser is reading to the viewer after it has jinked the paramters. 


When I was viewing the page, I was logged in as Admin.  The source code being shown to me was only the code as it was currently being read to the browser. Saving that, and at some point uploading it to my server overwrote the true code that sets up the parameters for users, moderators, admins, and guests viewing that page.  I was happily serving them only the Admin view.


Live and learn.  Bug-Lesson for the week:  Save your files from yourself! Always name copies and edits appropriately, isolate them from any chance of mingling with the active file-set, and look both ways when crossing the street!

  ~bugn out :)

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What a great piece of advice. I know I have been there.
Thanks Ladybugin
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