Ladies and Germs, it's a business

Kingphish posted 10th of April 2011 in Community Voice. 3 comments.

You know I am annoyed too much on here. Sometimes I think it's better for me to take my money and go gamble, then with my winnings, go find me some student at one our local university and colleges and pay them to build a community from scratch or learn Dolphin, and DUPLICATE many of the mods on here because many of the developer-sellers (seemingly) don't understand one important fact: IT'S A BUSINESS.


Now I don't know if it is "culture" that is creating this lack universal understanding of expectations, but its freaking annoying, and at this point, I am willing to only do business with developer-sellers in Canada and the US with exception of one developer-seller out of Kyrgyzstan who I've never bought mods from, but anytime I ask him/her a question, he/she is ALL OVER IT (that is, the question is answered quickly). I repeat, I have NEVER bought a single mod from this specific Kyrgyzstan developer-seller, but he/she answers my questions quickly. What's odd is about that is he/she has no obligation to answer ANY of my questions, and he/she does.


Which only leads me to believe that Bizarro World strikes again. I have interacted with (e.g., asked questions and/or bought from) people (allegedly) from Germany, Kyrgyzstan, all parts of the US, Canada, New Zealand, India, the Bahamas, Australia and other places. There are few people I can say are trustworthy not because they are generally untrustworthy but because they are seemingly unreliable.


Customer service post-mod sale is essential, regardless of a developer-buyer's expertise; it's a given or at least it should be. If a developer-seller offers to help, they should keep their word or don't offer. Also, learn to communicate (but not too much).


If any new developer-buyer would like my trusted developer-seller list, just ask (they are the usual suspects).

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whilst many of the developers I have been dealing with have been reliable it is the post mod sale that is an issue. Some have taken the money, do not like it if you find bugs in their mods and then get downright rude.

I have done business with atleast one developer that I spent a great deal of money with and will NERVER be going back to! On the opposite side of the coin there are those developers that go the extra mile to help you, and these are the people I will be dealing with.
Thanks for sharing DRautenbach.

Buyers need to do a better job forming a "social network" on Unity where we can share the pros and cons of various developers UNTIL Boonex is able to figure out a way to accurately capture such information to help buyers make better product and service purchasing decisions.
True, Its the after sales service that is important,

In my case various cron jobs and post install checks were not made (dispite paying for installs) and I ended up with 60 000 errors to put right.

With a little customer care this could have been avoided. I would be interested in seeing your trusted developers list as I still have a lot to be built. Another custom app raised its head today, which I know could add TREMENDOUS value to my site, but appart from the top guys that I know are incredibly see more busy at present, who is best to use?

It can be a bit of a mine field.

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