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ladybugn posted 17th of January 2009 in Community Voice. 5 comments.

I broke this down from the previous blog entry, but it's the same topic.  Biz models that make sense.


I recently visted the site of one of the active posters here. I won't go into names because I hven't asked, but she probably wouldn't mind. I just want to share what I learned from that little visit.


I pretty much expected the site to be major bells and whistles because she's known to run several sites and have a pretty extensive background with Boonex products.  And because she speaks her mind when something isn't functioning well, but in the end, she insists Dolphin works, If you follow the docs and know how to follow directions.

Well, I was surprised. It looks..  just like..  a Dolphin site!  No way to miss it, that's Dolphin.  Aside from custom coloring, it's pretty much out of the box.  and it's clean looking, simple, and you know what?  It WORKS.


There are members there. They've uploaded pictures. and music. And pics of events. They post in groups.  customize their profiles. Oh Mi Gawd. Someone has a functioning community, and they didn't re-tool it to some alien spec to make it happen.  I almost fell off my chair.  Then I almost got up and registered.  The members look happy and active.  Just like a community site should look.


Could it be?  That just using it the way it is designed can attract and hold members?  I had to think about this.  I'm going mad trying to make it look non-dolphin, while she just pops it out of the box, changes a few color files, and then proceeds to connect with her customers?  Why didn't I think of that?


LOL.  I cannot get In my chat.  Well, I can, but because my logins are flaky, my members can't. So we don't connect. 350+ members that will probaly find another site if mine doesn't come back to life soon.   I have events posted, but because I edited the speed dating stuff, my events calendar displays my Admin Log-in, so That is offline for now.  So much for this weeks ClubNight event. I'll have to phone the members to get the RSVP.  Nice, eh?  Worst is, I can't be sure which errors are software bugs or results of my edits, so it's harder to troubleshoot.


I don't think I'm alone here, which is why I'm posting.  I bet there are a lot of you out there with Dolphin issues that have done the same thing.  I know a lot of my probs with the software are a direct result of trying to  make it do things it wasn't designed to do, but can do if you've got the time and resources.  Well, I'm not so sure the payoff for so much extra resource is worth it.  I've seen that the product can work and be a viable community just the way it is.  I'm going to stop banging my feelers against the wall and work with the program, not against it.


Let me get that underway, and check back in a month. I'm kind of betting the report will be a much happier customer base, and a much less stressed ladybug.   Thank girlie, you probably know who you are. I needed that lesson!

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This is not a negative post at all... shame ppl voted it as negative when the poster made valid and constuctive points!

Read it again...

The summary of the post is, try not to work against the software, rather work with it.

Ladybugn... good luck
Thank you iced. I think I'll keep my observations shorter so they're easier to absorb in small bites.
ladybugn I like your blogs. I voted +
melia, thank you :D

Great name by the way. It'll be getting more popular in the US with our new Pres daughters names being spoken frequently.
I agree with melia. Your blogs are terrific, and I'm learning from them.
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