Let's Welcome The Newcomers To Boonex

Juker posted 9th of June 2009 in Community Voice. 5 comments.


Let's welcome the new faces in the crowd and the new members that have begun posting in the Boonex Blog (even if they haven't caught on to the rules yet). I find these new people to be totally interesting. Some of them are brilliant and some are like little lost lambs.

JTadeo and the other moderators are doing a fine job redirecting these folks and I predict that they are going to be busy for quite a while once the entire 50,000 members of the community know that its safe to post here. I suspect that thousands of members have deliberately stayed away from this forum because of all the former turmoil. And now they are beginning to surface.

If you are one of the old timers who have been posting here for a while (and you know who you are) then let's enjoy the fresh input and treat the new posters with respect! In addition to sending these newbies to the forums for help (drive over a cliff?) I recommend that the "Pundits" and the "Regulars" who are posting in this blog begin contacting them privately and helping them out or begin monitoring the forums themselves. I have begun helping people privately when I can. Remember the do-gooder's motto "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap!"

Does anyone know exactly "who is" monitoring the Forums?


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I just looked at the forum which does not seem at all monitored at all what so ever, the forum is filled with spam, repeated questions! I know one can't stop both but if the forum was monitored the both can be reduced. So how come those forums are not monitored, are there not that many people to be able to assign? or those forums are not as popular as the blogs so no one cares to have them monitored?
I agree too, i help one member via PM too, well until he knows more than i do then i will be asking for return in favours LOL.

Technoman makes some valid points here about the forum, the thing though about the forum is the same problem we all have trying to run our own orca forum, it really isnt up to the job, not with something as large as this site, and half the members have probably kept away like juker said before so if they return to post too, then watch everything break... LOL. One of things see more lacking on any dolphin is the tools to moderate properly,its a real hassle just to do the ordinary things that are taken for granted on any forum. even if a moderator was assigned to the forum and he went around saying you cant say that, please be a bit more respectful and so on, its not really apparent who he is, so will probably get told to sling his hook by members who aren't aware that he is the moderator. Same with enforcement or spam removal, it seems on here (and i say this in a light hearted way) before any action is taken there has to be a board meeting, a vote, a recount then somebody just may wonder over and delete something. My experience tells me, you have to be quick, nip things in the bud and it doesnt seem like thats possible "YET" on this software.


i believe it is all our responsibility to monitor the forum and report what we see and help where we can but hear hear :)
To be honest, I never posted in the blogs until today, but been a member since Oct 2007. The first time I downloaded Dolphin, my first thought was "Oh Boy, my very own social networking site!".. Yeah.. and then I woke up. Needless to say I have seen alot of changes over the years and have started back heavily working with my Dolphin and putting to use some of the great mods being offered at expertzzz. I am extremely excited about some of the new things in store for Dolphin.

Not to sound see more like too much of a newb, I really haven't paid any attention to any of the unity members at all. I mostly just browsed the forum looking for answers. But I would have to say, The people I have dealt with recently have really been SUPER. I mean, it really is a unity amongst friends here. For instance, you have Juker that just wants to take time out to say "Hello" to the newcomers. Ya know, you do get kind of warm feeling here. I am so glad that I have started to participate more here. I have interacted with folks that have really went out in helping me make my site the best that I could.

Thanks to everyone here!!!!
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