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Project198 posted 21st of May 2009 in Community Voice. 6 comments.

ok Im new to the BLOG but I wanted to talk about Web Traffic.


Im going to tell you what we do to get traffic. Most of us (Our Just Us) don't have a lot of money to buy traffic, we have to get it where we can.


Here is a few ways we do it and it work for us. We use Myspace A LOT!! We also use Twitter. There is some great tools for myspace (FriendBlasterPro) check it out!  We also use Google Groups, Backlinks, yahoo groups.

We run a site for adults and thats the place we have been going to get traffic. Our site has been up for a few days now and we are getting 10 members per day.


Tell us what works for you..

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To you use Google analytics to get stats on where your traffic is coming from?
I will check into it. Thanks for the tip
The goal of this is to implement SEO in all Websites according to the guidelines presented in Google's SEO starter guide!

Make Websites more friendly to both users and search engines.

These are just a few examples on a good Google structered Seo Guide

•Google SEO 404:
- error pages return 404 error code instead of 200
- add Google's 404 widget to 404 error pages
- custom 404 error pages

•Google SEO Meta:
- generate description meta tags for
forums / threads / etc.
- specify see more canonical pages

•Google SEO Redirect:
- redirect old URLs to new URLs
- this avoids URL breakage and double content

•Google SEO Site map:
- dynamic generation of XML Site maps
- search engines find your content without crawling

•Google SEO URL:
- replace standard id based URLs
example: showthread.^#%#%^$=12345?pid)
with name based URLs
example: showthread.dolphin/classifieds/cars)
- UTF-8 in URLs is supported
- uniquer is applied for non-unique URLs

after working out this with your current site you will see much better results in regards with Google towards your journey.
Have any of you ever done traffic trade. We thought about making a site for all the unity people to list on.. I think it would help all of us.
Traffic trade won't be affective unless you trade within the same niche. If your site is about football and you trade with some who has a site based on cars, it's worthless trading traffic..But yes, if you trade other other dolphin sites within your niche it will be affective..
Google analytics is key and helps to single things out. Also I use google adwords,Site map,blog on other sites and post your url link if its allowed(some have requirements so check their policy), affiliate programs. Thats just a few there to help out.
Good Luck!
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