Links - Open in new window?

Stuart038 posted 2nd of June 2008 in Community Voice. 4 comments.

How can I get the 'clicked' Links in Dolphin 6.1.1. to open in a new window or even 'links' to open in a new window??


I don't want my web site viewers taken away from my site, especially when they are logged in. Neither do I want them permanently distracted from my site.

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there is away to get rid of them completly by paying BOONEX for the removal of those links
That's not what I meant. I am referring to the links I have put under the links menu. I want my links to open in a new page.
<a href="your link here" target="_blank"> Here put your text for link </a>

And i think you must do this manual for every link you put on your site...

If somebody knows better idea hope they will post it to you..

Many thanks intel. I will give it a try!
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