MOD request or still built-in?

jerry79 posted 15th of July 2008 in Community Voice. 4 comments.

Hi all,

im not sure where to post as our forum could be the wrong place.

Im looking for a feature which was already installed in previous Dolphin Versions, but i dont know why this has been removed, or is it still there?

Im talking about credits - no, not points!

I want, that my mebers are able to buy credits. With these credits they can buy a new membershiplevel, create events, beeing member of the day, etc.

So they buy a coule of credits and can use them however they want.

I want to seperate this to a points system. A points system is ok for earning points to becoming or showing otheres that they are active on the site.

I got another idea for a great mod, which could be included to this, if someone whos writing mods is interested, give me a pm as i think it would be too much for this post.

I hope you know in which direction i want to go. So does such a mod already exist or how can i enable this feature?



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on expertzzz a developer has a mod for the points in which you are talking about.

Check it out here:
yeah i know, but th main point on thispost was not the points but the credits ;)
Credits was annihilated during 6.0 -> 6.1
Just because this system don`t used more,
so we don`t keep here more unused system
sometimes need perform cleaning
so, maybe there is someone outside who wants to revoke it? ;)
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