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Project198 posted 23rd of May 2009 in Community Voice. 9 comments.

Well we have been live for a week now and its going good. Now its time to put a Paypal button on the page and get some money for the hard work.


I thought I would do a site and do it for free but after a few days I was like HELL NO! People are rude and nasty even when you run a free site. So we are going to put a button on the page for Paypal, That way we can get some money.


How are you making money with you site. I think there are tons of us out there who but in long days with sites.. 




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Well thats a million dollar question, i suppose it depends what you are offering in return. the best site i know that are making money is one that offers things like forum plugins and templates, you subscribe to the site, costs 5 bucks a year, and for that you can download everything they have to offer. Doesn't sound like a lot, but he has something like 6000 members so it soon ads up. So i think the best way to go is to offer something special for subscribers, and dont charge too much.
Sometimes, I hate being brutally honest, but I doubt that anyone will pay to join a site that has 63 members, unless you have something really spectacular to offer.
think about google adsense
Personally, I think it is unrealistic to assume you can make money from a web site until that site has significant traffic. Traffic = $$ It's a simple equation.
Houstonlively this is so true. We are talking later down the road.
There is a lot of thing that come to play...What houston says about traffic=$$ is true to a certain point, traffic= $$ if you are planning on using advertisement as a source of income, but with little traffic you can also make money but that would depend on what you are providing for your members. I will give you an example, If I was a Dolphin expert, I would simply open a site and charge $5 a month for all the support you need. I won't need much traffic to make money. In this case this is an example see more of a niche. If your site is for social only, you won't make much, if your site is about "Georgia Collage students" with tutorial and study guides, you will make much more, "And that would still depende on your marketing skills"...I will tell you that to make my online is not just, "make a site" and make money, you have to plan the various aspect which needs to be considered on your plan...

Questions to ask yourself:

"What's the site about, who is my market, how will I promote, what is my cost, what is my timeframe, what will be my conversion rate, who Im i competing against, how is my site different from others and why would ppl chose mine instead, should I make income of advertisement or membership fees?

These are just some of the questions you need to ask your self before you even being to choose a domain name that way you know in what direction to begin....Hope this help, good luck..
We just did a test run with PayPal Donate Button. We took in 55.00 today.. With 80 members. For now the Donate is working for us..
Great man, that's awesome, maybe based on what you site is about this is the most effective way..I mean, when you get to about 5k members and they donate $1 a month, you be making good money, and I'm sure ppl don't mind paying $1 a month..
Thats our thoughts on it.. Even if you had 1000 people and half kicked 1.00 to 1.95 you will still be ok.

Now I am going to change all this when D7 hits. RIght now we are testing and getting stuff done and this will help pay for our mods ect...
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