Market Products not consistent with Dolphin Upgrades

Kingphish posted 19th of March 2011 in Community Voice. 1 comment.

So, I noticed around the Market that (some) Market Consumers (developer-buyers) are asking (some) developer-sellers whether their products are compatible with current version(s) of Dolphin; the question is an excellent valid question. Although, it seems (some) developer-sellers do not appear to like the question; in fact, it seems (some) developer-sellers are ignoring the question entirely.


I've talked about the need for standards in prior conversations. I think the idea of standards will be a core theme in this blog because I think that "standards" is essential to market integrity. There is no one forcing a developer-seller to update the the products they sell in the Market so (some of them) don't care if their products are compatible with future versions of Dolphin. Although, I think that disclosing the incompatibility or "no guarantee that a current product will be updated or compatible with future versions" is not unreasonable. Or, stating that a particular mod is compatible with a particular version is not unreasonable.


I believe that Market Consumers have the expectation that modules they buy today will be compatible with future versions. But what option does Market Consumers (who create demand) have currently? The developer-sellers (who satisfy demand) seem to control the Market and the way it behaves right now, which reminds of Bizarro World from Superman, where everything was the opposite of Earth. Well, the Market seems like opposite-MaRkEt (this is not a put-down). Fact is, Bizarro World works for Bizarro.


Reminds me of this Bizarro world skit from the hugely popular show, Seinfeld. Here you go:; for a little levity.


What are the options for the Market Consumer who buys a product from "Bizarro-Market" and then Boonex releases a new version of Dolphin that is not compatible with a product purchased from Bizarro-Market?


What's the harm of requiring developer-sellers to either update their products to ensure compatibility with new Dolphin versions or offering two versions (one old, one new) or requesting/asking them to remove prior versions if they have no desire to keep the product consistent with the Dolphin platform or ... and/or ... creating a market for outdated products where folks who don't want to update to new Dolphin platform can go and buy or obtain products for older Dolphin platforms?

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Andrew Boon
That's a very good argument. We have been thinking about taking a full control over Market submission, but that seemed to problematic. In the upcoming update we'll try to implement some kind of compatibility verification. Specific suggestions on how to do that are most welcome.
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