Media/Photos/Videos - not safe?

shaneed posted 16th of July 2008 in Community Voice. 2 comments.

Hi, i recently discovered my members files can be accessed by browsing directly to the file if typing "". The photos can be copied, the videos can be seen and so on. I don't know if i done correctly but for a temporary solution i password-protected the entire folder "/media", returning an "Authorized Required" message.

If there is someone having a better solution please advice me. I don't want my files to be copied by others. And i guess there are more people facing this problem. Thanks in advance for your time to reply.

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well, my bad. i think is a false alarm. I realized the folders are somehow protected already, and the pictures are named with lots of letters and numbers, so no one can ever guess it. Sorry for bother, close this topic if possible.
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