Members' Reviews Plagiarized

fidelg3 posted 18th of March 2009 in Community Voice. 6 comments.

This is crazy. I just read one of my Google alerts I have set up for "Dolphin 7" and it pointed me to this site:

I started reading it and noticed that some of my questions and text have been plagiarized. I also read some other people's text from this community has also been plagiarized.

Go check it out. Yours might have been used.

By the way, its nice to let Google Alerts do the work for you. Every day I get alerted on any references to "Boonex" or "Dolphin 7" anywhere on the web.

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Hmmm interesting, wonder who owns that site? I don't see them trashing Dolphin but it seems they want to use the Dolphin to get more customers for their hosting. Wonder who's hosting this is, i probably could give it a good guess. Will keep eye on this site in future.
Probably could give it a good guess, Who is your guess LightWolf, I am curious..
No a guess can get others in trouble, need It will come out in the future.
Doing a check on that website, it seems it is up for sale as we speak. Just whois the domain name. I'm not sure how to take that site,. I joined and took a look inside and one minute there's trash talk and next there's
That website is a joke. It looks like some 10 year old kid created it.
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