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jerry79 posted 4th of June 2008 in Community Voice. 1 comment.

Today i was looking on how to modify the membership settings. It seems that everything is very clear on how to use it.

But i still found something which i dont know how to handle.

I want to set different memberships, so far so good.

I want that "Standard" member can only upload 3 pics to their profile gallery.

But "Gold" members should be able to use 10 pics on their profile and the private photo mod.

I gave up with looking for it, cause i dont know where to look.

Maybe someone of you our community guys here out there knows a solution?

Pls let me know ;)


Jerry (who got a lot more ideas ;) )

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go to where you edit the membership levels- on the admin panel nav bar SETTINGS> MEMBERSHIP LEVELS. click on that, then
to add the "Gold" membership go to the new membership box and type in "Gold". Now you should have membership levels of Standard, Promotional, and "Gold". Click on the level you want to edit. So STANDARD. It will show you a list of MEMBERSHIP ACTIONS. Look for "Upload Photos". If it is not already on the list, find it in the drop-down see more menu and hit ADD ACTION. Then find it on the list. Hit the link that says "Show" next to the Upload Photos line. This shows you the controls for the ACTION. So change ACTIONS ALLOWED to 3 for the Standard, RESET to when/if you want them to be able to upload 3 more after a certain amount of time, or you can add how long ( by date) they can upload photos. Then hit SAVE and go back to the top and click on the "Godl" membership and repeat the steps above but put 10 instead of 3 in the ACTIONS ALLOWED box. Hope this is what you were looking for or at least helps!
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