My Mod Wish list for 6.1.x

CALTRADE posted 24th of August 2008 in Community Voice. 3 comments.

I posted this on the forum, but this is probably a more appropriate place.  This is a list of things I wish were included in the current version of Dolphin - some already have solutions and even code to fix some Dolphin functions that aren't working.. We could do all these mods ourselves, but then we risk getting in a "configuration nightmare" where is becomes impossible to keep track of the mods as new versions are released..



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BTW all links are broken. Second issue - this list should be posted here
at least month ago.
someone has put /unity/forums/ in the viewable url but forgot unity /UNITY/forums/ in the link url giving a 404 not found.

oooops Rob naughty boy
to dumb to take advice and correct it Rob?
or to proud to take advice from a woman?
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