jerry79 posted 23rd of May 2008 in Community Voice. 1 comment.

My Dolphin is like a magician today ;)

From one moment to the other moment, my search function didnt showed anymore the users. That means, wehn im clicking on Members, i cant see any member in it. But they are still here, i can see them on frontpage or in my friendslist.

Strange, a few minutes ago it worked.

I was adding a function age() into a file and tried something. But then i deleted it again, cause it wasn working. Since that its not showing up anymore.

I dont really understand it, cause the file was fixed again.

Now i will reload my backup tomorrow and take a look on it again.

But maybe someone else got it also!?

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When you are editing and testing code, it is always best to 'comment out' the code as opposed to actually 'deleting' it. This helps to document your actions and the effect on the active code in the future as well as reverse your actions should you later decide to. If you delete the code you can do neither.

How to Comment out / commenting out code
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