New Policy for Hosting Partners. BoonEx Certified Hosting.

Andrew Boon posted 20th of March 2011 in News. 3 comments.

Hosting is arguably the most important factor in Dolphin installation and operation experience. We have identified some Hosting Partners and have been recommending them for years. Using of the recommended providers surely saves a lot of trouble and most clients are quite happy. Some, however, have issues, report them to us and we often end up bouncing the problem between hosting provider and our techs. Moreover, although recommended hosts do comply with basic hosting requirements for Dolphin, there is a huge room for improvement and better setup.


We can do better than that. We're re-arranging our agreements and policies with hosting partners with one major goal - make BoonEx referrals 100% satisfied and confident that hosting providers recommended by BoonEx are the best possible choice for Dolphin.


BoonEx Certified Hosting

We open a new program for our hosting partners, according to which they would have to setup custom environment for BoonEx referrals as specified by our technicians. In other words, we will be working with hosts to ensure the best possible server and software configurations with Dolphin. This is an "ongoing" program with the following conditions:

- BoonEx assesses sample accounts of BCHs periodically (about once a month) and before evey major software release.

- BCH hosts BoonEx referrals on "certified" servers only. Clients may change configuration if needed, but hosting should suggest initial default configuration as per requirements.

- 1 week (or more) advance notice about version upgrades, must promptly update servers, if needed.

- Must pass BoonEx performance tests (blank installation loading speed), server security test, adhere to BoonEx security requirements (covered in hosting Requirements)

- May display "BOONEX CERTIFIED HOSTING" badge anywhere on the site, linking to

- Must remove the badge if certification is retracted



What does it mean to you?

Confidence. If you go for one of the Certified providers, you would know that they are well informed, provided optimized servers and are constantly monitored to stay up to the task. If Certified Hosting is causing you trouble - we would step in to fix it.



Early birds

This is a new program and is very much a work in progress. Some providers, namely HostForWeb, TMDHosting and Joombyte have already committed to participate and we're working with others to follow suit.

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Nathan Paton
It's good to hear you guys are stepping-up the quality control for hosting providers. I can't stress it enough that you need proper hosting for this software to work correctly (and stay that way).
This is much needed.
It would be nice if there were certified mods / mod providers too.
Ever considered offering a Boonex cloud server service (with JV partner perhaps) so one can install a website from here, add a domain, and then pay for cpu, memory and bw (like Amazon)? This would expand your base considerably while cutting out a large part of the Dolphin learning curve.
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