The New Support System

Andrew Boon posted 28th of November 2010 in Boonex News. 13 comments.

We have resources and determination to provide quality support, post and pre-sale. Unfortunately, the way we approached it hasn't been very successful. Agents system improved it a bit, but sometimes specific Agents are not online, and clients have to wait for too long, while there're other Agents or developers available and willing to help.


So, we are launching a new "Support" section at Unity, which now features different kinds of Tickets. Those tickets can be processed by anyone from BoonEx, and in future, by 3rd party supporters (unless a particular supporter is requested by a client). Pre-sale tickets are free, all other tickets incur a fee of $1 or more, if a paid service is required. The $1 tickets idea is stolen from SoftLayer - they have $3 ticket fee, which works very well - makes you want to submit tickets only when needed and doesn't brake the piggy-bank.


Pre-sale tickets are free, naturally. Urgent service tickets are processed with priority.


Our goal is to improve support response time and merge numerous support email-boxes and Unity message-boxes into one system, accessible by entire BoonEx team for faster processing. We'll be tracking response time of all supporters and clients' satisfaction rate.


This is a very new system. It would take us a couple of weeks to make it work smoothly, so please, be patient.


It is now advised to submit support tickets instead of sending emails to your Agents.



No Attachment to Agents


You will find that you're no longer attached to any Agent - this is because we want you to be able to get access to all Agents at once, or any specific Agent at any time, if you want to.


Moreover, we plan to start bringing more people to BoonEx Support from outside, and this system would pave the way for the first external supporters.

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This is awesome...
Some of our prayers are heard...
Any Yearly plans available?

and if i buy a mod from vendor1 and if he is vanished, can i get support from anyother who are available?
and what is the TAT of a ticket?
Andrew Boon
This only relates to support of BoonEx products, not 3rd party products. We can't support those, sorry.
well then can this "system" be used to commnicate between client-developers? instead of emails? beyond
Andrew Boon
We have mailboxes for that. This system is designed for BoonEx support.
Good Idea Andrew

i would be willing to put my self forward for any basic supporting role alot of expereince with Dolphin and would love to give a hand in anyway i can also im a non developer which sometimes comes in handy ;)
good idea also add some unity members to the supporter list
$3 to submit a ticked and for every ticket that was resolved by a member he/she get's $2 and boonex gets $1 lol
i would do it for free but any added bonus is allways good but i think boonex should keep users supporters to specific few as in my opinion too many people in the past have jumped on the boonex band wagon to help sell the own goods and not support enough of the boonex script other then saying if you buy my mod it fixes x y issue im not saying i should be apart of that team just putting my name forword thats all
This sounds like a great idea and in all due respect , we really need the support right now , to complete our site ,because we are at a stand still!
But since the law suit we have against PayPal there are no other option to payments , because the email is linked to the paypal registar ..and we can not do buisness with Paypal till this lawsuit is settled , Are there any other options to get urgent tech support ?
Sounds good to me! What if someone needs to ftp in to the site to look at a problem, would that be covered under the 1 dollar?
I don't know if I am using the new system, but I have several tickets that nobody has even bothered to start a dialog with me. Being new to Dolphin, but not new to CMS products, I thought I would try to get some support. Several days and waiting...
You have to keep submitting them. Eventually, they'll respond. When they do, I hope you get the right person. Some are extremely helpful and professional.
how to submit help/support/tech ticket?
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