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Mike posted 14th of July 2009 in . 5 comments.

Here we are again with package reassessment and price adjustments. Andrew’s last blog post announces the details, but here’s a little more on the “thinking behind the move.”

The summer travel and vacation season is in mid-stride and sales normally drop during this period. However, more is at work here. Much of what is happening in the world economy today has also affected BoonEx and our customers, and a common refrain is that newcomers are looking at and loving the software offered, but finding it too expensive for now. Everything is going up – so we decided that going down might be refreshing and helpful. (Too bad government can’t think that way!)

We have been reviewing our customer buying trends and gauging needs in the marketplace to try and keep BoonEx positioned more in line with regard to our customer’s needs and our own goals to bring what we offer to a wider audience and still remain solvent.

So, we have new offerings that we feel are more in reach and better all around. The separates are history now – and Dolphin containing all scripts under one license, with Unlimited going for right at $300, is a dramatic and bold step toward making this happen. We hope that you agree…

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boonex sales have probably dropped for a couple of reasons;
1. announcement of Dolphin 7 on the way as people putting off buying until it is released *better not have release dates just announce it when it comes out and if any bought a previous version say within the last 3 months give them a free upgrade.
2.all the bad talk on the community previously (glad this has been sorted *although I can't see the logic in allowing community members in posting blogs when they can use the forums*
3.it's see more probably not a good idea to tell potential customers you are cashflow negative/suffering a drop in sales.
4. can probably expect a sales boom when dolphin 7 is released and then a drop in Jan-March 2009 before Poseidon is expected to be released * might be an idea to get rid of this expected release date and just spring it on us*

I think revised pricing will help Boonex greatly but there is more to it than that..........
Andrew Boon
re #3:

BoonEx is nowhere close to going bunk. We have reserves and we've been cash-positive for a good while. BoonEx had a few funding offers, but we always decline, since it often limits freedom of actions.

The thing is that we build this business with a VERY long-term perspective and as Andy Grove suggests "only paranoids survive", so we have to be careful well in advance.

We could cover it up with a fancy marketing blurb, but going open appeals more and more lately. We have see more seen the community support, real support and now we grow to trust the community enough to share the truth.
re #3:
I wasn't making any suggestions that BoonEx was going to bunk but admitting you have had a sales drop as mentioned in this post and you having mentioned in a previous post about being cash flow negative in the past doesn't convey confidence to some people...just how it might come across.
I personally believe BoonEx is moving in the right direction and will go on to great things :-)
Andrew Boon
Didn't want to sound defensive. You just brought up an interesting point, which i wanted to comment on. Bad news might not convey confidence, but I'd prefer to build an honest relationship and, gradually, true confidence.
I think it's a very positive move, all in all.
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