One last day of Christmas Special

Andrew Boon posted 3rd of January 2011 in Boonex News. 8 comments.

We will run the promotion price for just one more day. Will turn it back to $299 on 5th of January (noon, Sydney time). Make sure to place an order before then if you want Dolphin permanent license for 1/3 of the price.


Happy New Year!

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I coulnd't resist this amazing deal. I bought my third Dolphin license. I'm actually excited to start SEO and marketing on this new project.
buying one more myself, got the kid network going, now working on the adult one
I bought 3 licenses and need to buy Mobile App Rebranding License which is $299. If you do the same discount $99, I'll buy it now. And I think many customer will buy it. Thanks.
Hi, I have been trying to buy 3 more licences for over a week now and no matter what I do, there are no payment options available.
When I click on the Dolphin xmas offer, select the unlimited licence tick box, nothing else happens. I use IE and I managed to buy my first licence using paypal 5 weeks ago, but neither paypal or any other options appear after selecting unlimited. I posted on here and sent a message to Boonex, Victor got back to me but just posted a link to the same page on here. Ive see more never had so much difficulty trying to spend my money :0)
Are there any other ways I can buy?

Also, today I noticed that it is not possible for members to start a new topic, or even post onto the forum. I have checked in settings and I have selected the boxes that allow members to make new posts. As admin, I can start new topics myself from the admin panel. Should members be able to start new topics and post to the forum?

Apart from this Dolphin seems great and installed perfecty.

Many thanks
Please disregard the first paragraph above, as I have just managed to buy more licences using my partners laptop.
I must have an issue with my browser not displaying the Payment options.

I just tried looking at the forums again using this laptop too, but I still cannot see any way for users to post new Forum topics, or comment on Forum topics I have created via admin. Any ideas?

Also, happy new year to the Boonex team, hope you can continue the good work with Dolphin, especially see more now that I have more licences :0)
Hia all in Boonex World.

You would be mad not to get this offer. I have and I will not be looking back :)

Happy New Year Boonex
I arrived late :( the offer is no longer available?
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