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HernanL posted 9th of June 2009 in Community Voice. 6 comments.

Hi everyone,

I´ve just received an invitation to test drive the latest beta version of Trillian Astra, the multi brand instant messenger from Cerulean Studios.

There I´ve found the answer to one of the most common questions or complaints whener I ask somebody to sign up with my "free!" social network. The question/complaint/comment is: Oh, another place to sign up! Another username and password!! Another place to have to go to check its activity!

You might want to see this new messenger, as it includes a huge multi-brand log in, with, of course, updates from all the sites it connects to, on the main screen.

It would be great if Dolphin could have some of these features.

The url of this product is




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yes integration with Trillian Astra would be super, Dophin needs to work more with more 3rd party applications...
* I know that Boonex is in the early stages of this, I just hope it bares fruit and leads to exciting times *
Trillian is an exellent GUI for IM services. The only downside is no "Skype" and in my honest opinion if you've got Skype you don't need any other Instant Messenger(s).
Hi Juker,
Well, the new Astra Version does include Skype and Google Talk conection!!
I´m testing it these days and it looks great! It also logs in with myspace and facebook...!!
I use Pidgin on my Mac. It works well enough but I find the problem with the multi platforms are the functionality is sketchy. For example you can't do photo sharing with YIM while on Pidgin. You can send files but not use the sharing which is much nicer to use. But if you need to have a few different IM's open they work well enough.
Isn't that what OpenID is? As I recall, that is scheduled for 7.1.
It´ll be great to hear the news from Boonex, then, Caltrade!
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