One month forward

Mike posted 1st of February 2010 in . 2 comments.

It's been a little over a month since the release of Dolphin 7 and launch of the new Unity. Things are clicking into place, and some semblance of normalcy is taking over after the frenzy of orders, upgrades and customizations. Now, with a little breathing space, some innovation is taking place or being planned with the way that agents are addressing customers.

Watch for improved communications, streamlined support options and more of a customer oriented approach that still maintains handling on a local Boonex Team basis, while offering other possibilities. We are still a team, and there is much dependency on each other for help. However, in the interest of having a fuller plate for our customers, different services and enhancements are being tried and will either be adopted or discarded depending on how it works. Everything is still a bit trial and error, but the time for experimenting with more unique methods is at hand.

All of this will only help customers and also allow agents to make their individual operation work. One thing that will definitely help each agent is having a knowledge of who their clients are. This allows them to focus on helping their clients first and then assisting with newer customers. So, as a reminder, it is important for those who have not yet done so to make a choice of agents and help this along.

We are still very busy but are also looking forward with enthusiasm at the possibilities. Have a great week.

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Hey Mike

I had been sending you messeges about the license I bought 2 days ago and everything went correct but the problem is the Iphone and boonex footer still showing in my pages I need to remove that to take the page to live on the internet. I need some advises I had look in the forum and followed some suggestions but the footer still shows in the pages. and no one is helping me.

thank you
There are still issues with this and they are trying to figure it out. Seems some of us have this issue and mike is trying to get to the bottom of it. I to am in the same Let's give them some time and see what develops as I am sure they are real busy like we are.
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