Open Social???

Darkcloud4491 posted 2nd of March 2010 in Community Voice. 3 comments.

Ok so today im gonna talk about some Bad things about the Open Social app.


1) its hard to add open social apps (gonna call them OSA now) to your site

the only way i can add an app is by going through the SQL database and entering all the infomation there as the add button dosn't work (might have been fixed or is being fixed i'll get back to you on this one)


2) Open social blocks have the title Open Social Block. means if you have an OSA like the Poker one that i got from the Open social site and you make a page just for that it it says Open Social Block. it would be better if the block automatically changed its text to the title of the app.


3) (sort of back to my 1st point) Users can't add app's they have to contact the site admin to get an OSA added (might have been fixed or is being fixed i'll get back to you on this one)

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I am much more interested in OpenID - does anyone know what happened to that? Not trying to hijack your post, but I have heard a number of people say that Open Social is pretty much useless anyway.
Open ID app is now a mod u have to buy. If anyone can help I'm trying to make an open ID login, a myspace login and a Twitter feed script
@DarkCloud - could you post a link to that OpenID mod - I just went through about 20 pages and couldn't find it. Who makes it?
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