Opensocial Meet D7....

maddp posted 2nd of July 2009 in Community Voice. 4 comments.

Has anyone used any opensocial apps with your sites if so what version of dolphin and list your website.

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There was a post I saw about 2 months ago where a member detailed how to insert a particular social app..I just can remember the name at all..But search around a bit on here with some keywords and you might find it..He also listed his site and you can see an example of how it was integrated..
Are you talking something like igoogle? If so we have it on all our sites??
Right, google gadgets and any 3rd party applications (based at opensocial). Now (in dolphin 7), you will able to use it it your dolphin at any page ;)
yes i am talking Igoogle. I am looking to see if its widely used in the dolphin circle
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