Optional integration of phpBB, vBulletin

bambie posted 27th of May 2008 in Community Voice. 6 comments.

Can some one confirm Optional integration of phpBB, vBulletin is this true now and if so what versions?

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And also can phpBB/vBulletin can be integrated into the groups?
Ya, Vbulletin would be great
see no answer for this after all this time SUPPORT IS CRAP
may be they are v busy improving their great script
From Unity Rules .....
2) Forums are for discussions and collaboration. Post in Forums ONLY in case your issue needs group input.
3) Blogs are for opinions, news, ideas. Post in Blogs ONLY if you have something to tell about the topic.
4) Answers are for asking questions and answering them collaboratively. Post in Answers ONLY if you have a question to ask, or want to answer one.
phpBB/vBulletin to integrated into all forum and blogs Sites,vbulletin integrated probably the forum software used on most of the popular forums to create more easily and security as well as PhpBB is another free open source forum software that is known for its customizability...

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