Orca is driving me crazy

Profesize posted 14th of December 2008 in Community Voice. 7 comments.

OK........Orca is pants. My forum is pretty much unusable and as a result, members have given up posting.

Anything written after a new paragraph does not appear in post after being submitted.

It works if you copy and paste from an external source but not if written using Orca. So it must be a Tiny editor problem.

Can anyone help?

I've tried re-installing, different versions of the software but they all now behave the same though it seemed to work in the past. Ever since upgrading to 6.1.4 I have had nothing but problems and it is starting to affect my site as members are getting sick of it..

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i have to confess i am having problems with it too... random fatal errors really are ruining members from viewing or posting on group forums and forums
I think I may have sorted it out............for now at least.

I made the mistake of updating to 6.1.4 before it was considered to be stable.

Not sure if it will cause any other problems but I was desperate and had tried many other solutions but today I re-implemented the plugin tiny_mce from dolphin 6.0.0003 even though I have dolphin 6.1.4 installed and so far it seems to have worked.

Am not recommending you do this but my forum is no working again.............I think.

Time will tell see more all soon enough.
you should back your tiny from 6.1.4 - because some features on your site won't work with old tiny.
And to solve problem in Orca with new line you need
/orca/layout/uni/css/main.css add

margin:6px 0 6px 0;
padding:0 0 0 0;

.tbl_p_msg p { padding:6px 0; }

This should help to add Double Spacing into Orca forum

Artur, ur a genius! Cheers
Thanks for the suggestion Artur but I'm afraid it didn't work. All it did was double space everything already posted and the problem where everything written after a line break not showing up on post was still occuring.

I am fairly sure it's an editor problem so have gone back to my temporary solution of using tiny_mce from 6.0.0003 till I can find a better solution.
well - PM me - and I will check up your Orca
try this two product :


just suggesting here how to end your headace with orca
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