Charisma posted 12th of May 2008 in Community Voice. 4 comments.
Hi Guys,

I have got to say I am very impressed with the Dolphin 6.1 software! :)
This is one of my Final Glitches to Fix before going Live.
I am Super Eager to run the latest dolphin software as an upgrade to my current site. Luv your work!!

I am trying to get my predefined fields to show up on the Profile View... but they are not... they show up perfectly on the Join Form, but not on the profile view. :( 

For Example... NickName & City Show fine on the profile view
but Sex and Country do not, as they are Predefined.

So when I add fields to the Predefined Fields such as:
Hair Colour

These show up on the join form, but not on the Profile....   HOW DO I GET THEM TO SHOW PLEASE??

How can I get this to work properly please. I have reinstalled a number of times, it appears to be a software glitch.

Has anyone solved this problem??

Please Help!!

The Mulitple Sections from Predefined Fields seem to work ok, but there is no easy way to lay the slections out down the page

FOr Example


it normally displays across the profile as:
SELECTED TYPES OF WORK Casual, Paid, Contract

I added in a
at the end which works for the join page, but not on the profile page. (Strange)
is there a way to make it read as HTML on the profile instead?

please help
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Thanks for the report,
Yes, we've noticed that the predefined values in profile view were not displayed,
and this was fixed. Please be patient and wait until the patch is ready and released.
Many thanks for the quick response Andrey

Sweet, ok, its pretty much a major glitch for me,

Can I copy the working files from someone, or could you possibly zip them and send them to me?

Or is there an ETA on the patch.

I am soo keen to use the new software its really exciting, but just have this one thing to get working.
There are several predefined fields that we are now able to set in 6.1.1 such as Ethnic background, Religion, and other Lifestyle factors. My question is how do I add these to the Edit Profile page so users may add this information?
can any one tell me if the bug has been fixed im also having the sam goings on with the per def valus all the other date and social sites you get that info right away and even if it was only added in to the profile section per user id be ok with that but it has also has to be linked to a genral please..
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