Paid footers, the Gift from Boon-God

ladybugn posted 26th of January 2009 in Community Voice. 0 comments.

[Special note.. I accidentally posted this in the Answers area.  Was told once I moved this to blog, they could go in and delete the post from the other place. ]


Again, they come back.  Grr.   The sweet little dolphin and orca icons are so cute... but I want them gone.  I have paid.  Swear.  I have comented out the dealies in the functions.php file.  I have registered my apps.   But let me try to remove the footers line from _footer.html and I get this lovely notice:


  " You have manually removed BoonEx footers without payng for the right to. Please, go to and order the ad free licenses to be able to use your site without BoonEx footers. They will be automatically removed as soon as you register your ad free licenses. Please, put the __boonex_footers__ key back into Dolphin template."

I guess it's just that Boonex loves me and wants to be a part of my life.  Forever.  I have stopped pissing myself when these show back up. I cannot remember why they went away once and how they got back again, but I suppose they'll go away once again.


Maybe there is some re-register trick, I'll go investigate the forums to see.


Resolution posted added after returning from more work on this:


Sorry, I thought I was on the Blog form, not the Answers thing. This post wasn't supposed to go here.

(by the way, going back to my Advanced settings, confirming the license was still there unchanged, and re-saving it did seem to re-verify my registration and the footers are gone again)

If a Mod has the power to move this "thread" to blogs area, have at it. :)
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