Paypal Expertzz, Dolphin mod

jerry79 posted 3rd of June 2008 in Community Voice. 2 comments.

Hi all,

last year i bought a mod for Dolphin 6.x.

Today i bought 1 from camchat4u and 1 from slashz. I paid each one by one thru paypal. Paying was no problem, but the redirect to expertzz was not sucessfull.

The page said, that the payment was not finished.

As said, i got the same problem last year. Is this still not working? Or is it only on my side?

For me no problem, i wrote them a mail and the transaction id from paypal payment, so they can check it.

But im wondering why in expertzzz its not working.

Any ideas?



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This seems to happen with certain expertzz and not others, you need to email the author of the mod so they can enable the download.
yeah i did it, so there was no problem!
Thanks for you reply
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