Payvment: Is D7 Shopping Cart This Good?

fidelg3 posted 15th of October 2009 in Community Voice. 15 comments.

I bet the Boonex team would love to team up with a company like They have an amazing shopping cart that is easy to integrate, looks great, super user-friendly, free (no commissions), and runs on the Amazon cloud.

However, the most interesting part is that it uses PayPal's new Adaptive Payments and that is what would really function very well with Dolphin.

If you take a look at the current Dolphin 7 shopping cart, you will notice it actually includes two carts in one. One is called the Site Cart, the other is called the Member's Carts. Apparently, the Boonex team would like for both the Admin to sell site-wide items, as well as allowing individual members to sell their items. That's why we see the two carts.

Boonex is attempting to keep track of all sales across all the members, including the admin. When someone adds an item to their cart, it is automatically categorized either in the Site Cart or under the Members' Carts. Those that get categorized under the Members' Carts are further sub-categorized by the actual seller of the item. Take for example, items A and B, being sold by members A and B respectively. If I visit the site and add both items A and B to my cart, I will see both items appear in the Members' Carts. Further, item A will appear as being sold by member A, and item B will appear as being sold by member B.

When the buyer ultimately checks out, each member will be credited with the sale of any item(s) the buyer has purchased from them. In order for a member to be credited, he or she must have a PayPal account registered on their account profile. Also, any item sold by the admin is also credited to the admin account.

Anyway, this is what I think Boonex is trying to do with their fancy shopping cart and Dolphin store concept. I give them lots of praise for this endeavor, which is not an easy task. When and if they get all this done with most of the bugs ironed out, Dolphin should be among the first social networks to offer such a thing. And since this deals with real money belonging to real people, Boonex better be sure they get this piece of their software right.

Enter Payvment. Who are they and what are they doing? Read this review about them first to get an idea:

Then go to their site and follow the Demo button here:  Also read their FAQs. If you get through all that here are the keys items I found that would ideally fit in with Dolphin:

1. Under the FAQ "What is this about my customers being able to complete their purchase even if they are no longer on my website?" we find the statement:

Plus the consumer can have a cart that includes items that belong to multiple retailers with a single checkout that pays you and all other retailers in one transaction.

You may recognize that statement as implementing the power of PayPal's new Adaptive Payments. In a nutshell that means Payvment has already worked out all the logic and ironed out all the bugs required to properly credit any and all sellers. That is not an easy thing to do, and if Boonex is tied up doing other things, it might be a good idea to team up with Payvment to get this piece done.

2. The other thing that should appeal to Boonex is found in the FAQ "What does it cost to use the shopping cart web service?" Their answer is: It's free. Payvment does not charge anything nor do we take any cut of your sales revenue.

I truly hope Boonex would review Payvment and their offerings. These days it is easier and more cost effective to partner with other services that can complement your own. Go Boonex Go!!!

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houstonlively, thank you for your approval. You have put out some great suggestions as well and it's not often we mutually compliment one another and others as well. I truly appreciate your approval, especially from one of the great thinkers around here like yourself. Of course, we can't agree with each other over many things, but it's still nice to know there are things we both like. More power to you and your plans!
This sounds great, thanks for the thumbs up,hope Boonex uses it.
There's an important benefit I forgot to mention about using Payvment's cart. This benefit is found under the same FAQ on Payvment's site: "What is this about my customers being able to complete their purchase even if they are no longer on my website?"

It is an amazing feature that no other present cart can boast about. Imagine this. Visitors on Houstonlively's site add items to their shopping cart but ultimately "abandon" their carts and move on to another site. They happen see more to land on another Dolphin-powered site, say mine. Again they add items to their cart and surprisingly notice Houstonlively's items are still in their cart. This time they choose to checkout and pay for all the items. In the end Payvment credits both Houstonlive for his sold items and me for my sold items. Moreover, Payvment send emails to both of us with our sales details for fulfilling the order requests.

How's that for a super cool Dolphin 7 feature?! Think about it this way: Dolphin owners and members will be able to sell their items across any and all Dolphin-powered sites.

In reality, Dolphin owners and members will be able to sell their items across any Payvment-powered website. Yet Boonex doesn't have to market it that way.

I hope Boonex is listening because this is a very powerful feature. It's almost as if Boonex could build a whole network of Dolphin sites all linked together to build a super storefront. Perhaps another service that can come close to doing something like this is, with all their social networks.

Ultimately, even if Boonex decides not to partner with Payvment, there will be individual site owners, like myself, who will integrate Dolphin with Payvment anyway. It will be these site owners who will reap the benefits of this integrated storefronts concept.

One more thing. There's one objection I just read. It is about a concern of the availability of the Payvment shopping cart. If it is down, then shoppers won't be able to purchase. It's a valid concern, and yet we presently deal with that already. All those shopping carts who rely on a third party for payment processing, such as PayPal, are at the mercy of the availability of that service. One good thing is Payvment supposedly runs on the Amazon cloud, which if it is down, a great percentage of all ecommerce sites will be down as well.

Again, Go Boonex Go!!!
I can't stop praising Payvment just yet. Their shopping cart has an iPhone Skin!!! If Boonex is serious about adding an iPhone skin to Dolphin, they definitely need a shopping cart with an iPhone skin as well. Developers have full CSS control of the Payvment cart:
Thanks Fidelq3 for very useful info.

Your Blog, details n looking very interesting. Thumbs up for you.
This certainely sounds like a very interesting concept and would work very well with Dolphin. The enthusiasm behind this seems that if Boonex do not bring this on board then someone will with a mod or extension.
Andrew Boon
Read a lot about them, checked, looks nice, will integrate, in D7.1, submitting ticket.
OMG! Are you serious?! This is going to be awesome!

Part of the integration I am really hoping for is for you to update a member's Processed Orders page after a sale is made. Supposedly Payvment sends the member an email whenever any of his items are sold. It would be extra sweet if the member could also log in and check his Processed Orders page.

Thank you for taking the time to read about Payvment and for deciding you can use their services. You know when you take your members' recommendations see more seriously, you are depicting yourself as a forward-thinking company. More and more you are distinguishing yourselves as the cream of the crop among the social network developers. I know there are many more other members' recommendations you have ultimately used. Thank you so much for all that as well.
API is available on their site.
fidelg3 you sound like a marketing agent of them. Would'nt be surprised hearing you have some part of this. Too much "Super Deal"-like posts... even though is an interesting cart :)
Yeah, all his posts are spam.. most of them get deleted.
And this remembered me about someone contacting me about payment solutions to my existing website, such as Payment via SMS... but hey, you're trying to help
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