So what is going on with the dolphin dev....

totallyfreak posted 1st of June 2008 in Community Voice. 7 comments.

Are you still working on the bug of 6.1 or do you prepare the 6.2 ??


we dont have often news from the boonex team... i remember the same date one year later... we got update from Andrew praticly each week... and now its each month or so....

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Andrew Boon
Yes, there's progress. I don't come up with frequent updates now, because we're now at the very early stages of next version development. All I can tell for now is that it is going to be an even more significant update than 5.6 -> 6.0.

6.1 bugs are being fixed and small features are being added too, so be sure to get regular patches.
Hey Andrey,
so, what does it mean? Should i wait for the new version or a bug fix? Im not sure what to use atm. If you are working on the new version, which date could i expect? If its only a bug fix patch, then i can go on with this version.
But i wont buy mods and make a lot of modifications to the actual version, when a new version will come in a few weeks. So pls let me know this.

I like many others will be very interested in Dolphin 6.2.

However I would be a lot more confident if there was a 'bug fix period' before any talk of 6.2. How can you develop a new version (because with all the new bits that's what it is) on the back of a version of Dolphin that leaves a lot to be desired/fixed!!
Andrew Boon
Current 6.1 will be fixed, supported and properly patched for AT LEAST 1 year from now. And the new version will not appear for AT LEAST 6 months from now. So, I would say that it is perfectly safe to go for the current version now.
Cheers Andrey, thats what i hoped! Thanks for the information!
ok thx a lot for replying
i really appreciate ;)
and thx for the good news ;)
I have installed in a fresh directory and do not seem to experience the problems all complain about. Kudos to that. Just wanted to tell you all that. I am posting here because my actual question is where are the patches and how do you check or access them?
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