Predefined field not working

Robin posted 27th of May 2008 in Community Voice. 1 comment.

Hey guys,


Need some input on a problem i'm having. For the most part it works but there seems to be some issues with any field i create, its not appearing when a user views someone elses profile.


example: smoker field

works admin -> field builder -> edit profile

works admin -> field builder -> view profile

works when user edits his/her own profile

works if i move the somker field in the join page.

confired the information in the language settings as well.

NOT WORKING, when a user looks at someone elses profile.

- I think i'm creating the profile field correctly due to the fact it works on every page except when a user views someone elses page.

- added some screenshot to give you an idea.

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Are you set this field in
View Profile for Visitors? ;)
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