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tomakali posted 12th of April 2011 in Community Voice. 1 comment.

Its good or bad, Boonex started Premium blog for some reason.

and there was a subscription

And Boonex did a great job to increase the temptation of the Premium blog section.

And falling for that, its been months by now i "feel" the premium section is inactive(almost)

i request Boonex to provide "some" information about the "Base-9" projects



its better to crack open the "premium" thing, coz there's nothing to hide there when its "empty"

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Nathan Paton
It's mainly there to brag about, or pick up dates at the local bar.

"Oh, and did I mention I have access to BoonEx's premium blogs section? I know. So, are we going to your place, or my mothers?"
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