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gary11 posted 4th of October 2009 in Community Voice. 8 comments.

Does anyone here remember The Bad Old Days before Boonex took over the software from AE Dating?

There were no free licenses back then.  To get your hands on the software, you have to plunk down $600 USD for each license.

Each "final" software release was annoyingly full of bugs. The AE management team was very unresponsive and updates were infrequent.  Even when a new update was released, it was a market-driven attempt to garner more sales by adding new features while the myriad of bugs went unresolved.

There was little or no 2-way communication between the AE teams and the webmasters who used the software.

We put up with it back then because for all its faults, it was still one of the best packages available. Anybody else out there have a few hundred thousand hours available to write their own "Killer App"?

D7 is not perfect, but where else can you get something that approaches the power of Facebook, Myspace, and Flicker for free?

Boonex has taken on a huge task and I can see that by comparison, we are all a lot better off then we would be if AE still controlled this script.

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I started with AE Dating and I agree with you. It was buggy indeed. Just looking forward to something good now.
I have accepted that it is an endless concreation of bugs and hairs pulled and that smell of burning brain cells, well it is the smell of progress made on my own or thru the assistance of community developers I paid out of pocket in addition to the license $$. I am happy that I will always get updates for free and my licenses are useable on multiple sites. Still this is not for the faint of heart.
Took over? I thought they just changed their name from AE Dating to Boonex.. much to the dismay of everyone who paid $600 for one of those "lifetime" AE Dating licenses.
If I am remembering correctly, it is a ifferent group of people, different company (albeit from the same country). Boonex came on the scene when it purchased the Barracuda script from AE. It was a free offering from AE, and when Boonex took it over, they initially charged a licence fee for it.

Eventually, they purchased the AE dating script, and changed its name to Dolphin. Shortly after, Boonex made the daring and innovative move to open-source.

I was one of those who paid for AE, and I see more was not dismayed at all. For me, at least, he change in attitude by the developers more than made up for any loss of exclusivity.
Oh, I read this a long time ago and that is where I got my info. These people thought they were all the same company.

AEwebworks = Boonex Seems pretty obvious to me.... especially since it basically says so right here on this site: http://www.boonex.com/about/history/

... or am I missing something?
Andrew Boon
AEwebworks was owned by 2 people. After the split we created BoonEx and the other guy - SkaDate. BoonEx transformed aeDating into Dolphin - free software. SkaDate continued offering a paid version. BoonEx still owned the brand and the site. We continued to tolarate aeWebWorks licensing obligations and offered different license update deals to ae-customers.

The main difference is that BoonEx is indeed focused on being open and "affordable". We put mission first and although it took us see more years to come even close to profits AE used to make we're happy about our choice.
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