Ray 3.5 Chat, 'connecting'

Stuart038 posted 1st of June 2008 in Community Voice. 19 comments.

It seems the honeymoon period is over, now Ray 3.5 chat (Dolphin 6.1.1.) is forever 'connecting' Everything else seems to be working fine.

Is Ray rms.boonex down??

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Hello all ... My sites chat connects and then hangs at loading ... never loads. If I remove the RMS connection / chat works fine. but if I click RMS, for rms.boonex.com the chat hangs... I'm running the default port settings and I have the latest version of dolphin... HELP! PLEASE! ...
were is my video chat ...

Michael @ www.paranormalhouse.net
Chat, 'connecting'



Have the same problem - I re-installed the Ray modules after I found out that I use the ad-free version instead of the free one. Nothing changed, it still keeps connecting forever ... but the chat does not work either when I switch off RMS
my chat is always "loading"....
Same here.
Any solution????
same experience! Also waiting for words of help,
It is amazing that there have been this many comments to this problem, but no solution. I am having the very same issue of my chat loading then getting stuck on connecting. I have a similar issue with my boards. When I click the boards link, it loads just fine, but before you get to click anything thing it goes back into the connecting and stays there.
I have the same issue. Chat looks like it is loading, even displays my user name but to no avail. I am going to look at the "inc's" on this as maybe the latest version is missing a call function on the includes which triggers the port to open and start it up?

Any comments or ideas on that.

Also, I have another issue with the licensing which I will try in another blog section, but no matter how many times I uninstall the IM and/or Chat license, (as I get confused as to which is what see more between the download of the Free Version and the License activation names), that it is never a Valid License.

K, rant over, now to attempt in resolving the issue and providing a solution instead of a waahh.

Thanks Gang!

I have the same problem with the free version. It just says "connecting" but never connects. I've used Dolphin on another site and chat works fine on that site, both with the same host. I enabled both as well.
Don't know if it's related, but also noticed that member video does the same thing on my site where the chat isn't working. Upload Video works fine (where they can upload for it to go into a public gallery), but upload video for the member profiles doesn't work, just says connecting. Upload music for the member profiles works fine though.
I have the same problem here too!!! Can Boonex give us a GREAT help with this issue???
I have the same problem. Ray chat always loading...
Are you f-n shi-tn me...? how come its so hard to get an answer from these guys. my site has soo many f-n issues (right out of the box) and every time I come here to find an answer to them, I see tons of other people asking the same question with no resolve!!!! what the hell is that? This whole RAY thig is a f-n joke! why should the service we offer our members depend on some crappy server that f-n goes out when it wants??? leaving us without chat, video, etc. these programs should be standalone... see more loading from the server of the person who owns the site... not from boonex's servers..so f-n Lame.... dolphin rocks Ray sucks
Hi ladies and gents...I have the same problem with my chat...so whats the fix or how to??
Well you are all going to love THIS one: First, Ray Vid/Chat worked fine with vid cams,avatars and all, then it started doing the same thing you are all describing: loading...loading...loading.
Dunno. I am getting a little annoyed with this whole Dolphin thing. If it isn't one thing, it's another. Oh well, as they say: "you get what you pay for". :)
My chat was doing the same but {{SOLVED}}.... anyone familiar with the php.ini problem? well try uploading a php.ini file to all your modules directories.

In this file add this line:


And upload it to every directory in


Then refresh your chat room and BAM! it will load....
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